I thought it would be nice to introduce myself, so hello! My name is Niki and I am a yoga & meditation teacher (and student), holistic health coach, sustainability coach and writer.

I was born in the Silesian mountains in the Czech Republic. I spent my childhood roaming in the forest, making potions from questionable herbs and berries and reading books.

I was fascinated by history, religion, different philosophies and books about travelling. I believe that my first yoga encounter was in one of those books (or in the Spirit magazine that my grandma read) but the real-life one happened in the summer camp in the Slovakian mountains when I was ten years old.

I was studying high school that was in a town close to our village. And there for the first time, I discovered a yoga studio. In 2009, I started to practice hatha yoga in the system Yoga in daily life regularly. It didn’t take long and I was hooked!

I continued to study hatha yoga with various teachers during my high school and university studies. While I was learning more and more about this life-changing practice, soon I realized that I want to share it with others as a teacher. It helped me so much through tough times of growing up, grief and being a very insecure person with no self-esteem, I could not keep it just for myself!

I was more and more curious and decided to learn more. I started to explore different styles of yoga and have become a certified yoga teacher which allows me to share this beautiful practice with others since 2015. You can learn more about my studies here.

I come from a family that was healing everything with herbal remedies and I have always been interested in herbs, Eastern medicine and holistic approach to our health. I believe that a happy and healthy life is a combination of different factors such as nutritious food, active movement and having a passion in life.

I studied Nutrition & Health Coaching to learn more about how our body and mind works and how I can support others to live a more balanced lifestyle that is beneficial to our health and friendly to our environment. I keep educating myself and enjoy sharing what I’ve learnt with others through coaching, writing, social media and workshops!

Another big passion of mine is sustainability, zero waste lifestyle and ethical fashion. I have a master’s degree from Environmental studies and have been volunteering for different environmental and human rights NGO’s to work on interesting projects.

I am also a keen reader, you would never see me without a book or kindle. I like to write stories and poems, paint whatever just pop up in my mind or enjoy good music.

I have a strong connection to nature and you can often find me outside, walking in the forest, foraging herbs and mushrooms or enjoying the sunshine.

To finish my introduction, there are 10 random facts about me 🙂

  • My biggest dream, when I was kid, was to move to England (the land of Hogwarts) so that’s what I did after finishing at the university. After a year, I decided that it’s not time to settle down yet and moved again.
  • I travelled to 23 countries and lived in four.
  • I volunteered on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica, where I was learning Spanish, local herbalism and surfing.
  • I love the book The Pilgrimage by Paolo Coelho and I walked Camino de Santiago from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela (and then to Fisterra) in 2016.
  • My partner and I lived and travelled in our DIY campervan for six months in New Zealand.
  • I studied yoga in India, in the world capital of yoga – Rishikesh.
  • I love learning languages! I can speak Czech, English, Polish, Swedish and Spanish, and I study Italian at the moment.
  • I have been writing stories since childhood and wanted to become a writer one day. I started to study journalism at university but quit after the first semester as I felt that it is more important to actually write than to study it. I started to write for online magazines after that and still writing stories.
  • I have two bachelor degrees (Scandinavian Studies and Combined Art Studies) and one master’s (Environmental Studies). I love learning so I keep studying new stuff.
  • When I was a kid, my dream was to have an old wooden house in the forest and be the herbalist and healer for the village. Still one of my dreams 😀

Contact me for any collaboration enquiries or if you just like to have a chat. Looking forward to hearing from you ♡


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