Yoga Classes

My classes are a combination of asanas, pranayama and spirituality. I believe that story-telling is an important part of every teaching so my classes are full of stories and interesting information not just about asanas.

I teach classes in Czech and English.

Duration of yoga class is 60 – 90 minutes.

Hatha Yoga

In hatha class we explore each asana in more depth and with the help of different props. Physical postures are taught with a focus on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the asana. There is time to rest in between the poses.

Hatha class is a perfect choice for students who prefer longer holds in postures and slower approach to practice. Every class consists of asana practice, pranayama and meditation at the end.

This class is especially suitable for beginners.

Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic creative flow that stokes your inner fire! Each pose is linked to the previous pose, creating continuous  flow of movement accompanied by breath. Vinyasa is great for students who likes to keep moving and finding a place of calmness through conscious movement.

Vinyasa class is suitable for all levels even though you may enjoy it more if you have at least basic knowledge of yoga poses.

Yin Yoga

Floor based flow that focuses on holding simple postures for longer period of time. On the physical level, yin practice is targeted to deep connective tissue which binds bones and joints together. Yin class balances our yang part by bringing calm and quiet into our mind.

Yin classes incorporate Taoist philosophy and every class is dedicated to one of the teachings from Tao-Te-Ching.

Suitable for all levels.


Combination of dynamic vinyasa and gentle yin class. Starts with waking up our yang energy in the first half of the class, followed by slowing down in the second half with yin practice. Class is finished with a short mindfulness meditation.

Suitable for all levels.

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